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Katharina Eavesdropper & Pascal Eavesdropper by eavesdropper Brand & Marketing Consulting


We at Lauscher bring brands and companies in motion. Through a well-founded, creative and future-oriented brand strategy and an effective creative implementation. We regard a brand as the central element of a market-oriented corporate strategy and thus as an elementary component of change. Because thats what you get. Change for the better. Brand developement with Lauscher means progress.

We call ourselves an agency for strategy development. Consisting of a strategy consultancy (Lauscher Brand-& Marketing Consulting) and creative agency (Lauscher GBR) we advise and support international customers.


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We shape your future. We are not booked for rationalisation or automation. Lauscher is strong when there is new territory to discover. New markets, new customers, innovations. We work with creatives, technology freaks, data analysts and lateral thinkers.  Because only in the courageous search for potentials you discover the opportunities that brand momentum presents.

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