Brand consulting means movement

You want to strengthen your brand? Are you looking for a competent brand consultancy? Then you’re in the right place. Maybe your brand does not correspond to you and you want to “modernize”? Are you looking for a partner who gives your brand a clean positioning? 

You certainly want more growth, more success and more differentiation from the competition.

We can promise all these things. We have proven it many times and successfully. But we promise you more.

We call it brand momentum.

Momentum is this force when companies start to move in a new direction. When employees and executives flock to an idea of a brand and bring it forward together. Branding is nothing analytical. A Brand is this idea, for which people make overtime, which they sell with enthusiasm and for which they put in all this effort. It describes this idea, which customers believe and love, reject or just like.

Testimonial Patricia Kastner Brand Consulting

“We are very happy to have found a partner with Lauscher Consulting who is internationally sovereign and has many years of experience in making brands truly remarkable. A strategic strength that puts us in a much better position today than we have been in for a long time. ”

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Patricia Kastner/President Contentserv AG

Brand means
moving forward

Modern strong brands are constantly moving towards the future. A future that is subject to disruption, to quickly and sustainably changes. Brand Consulting must therefore not only have the “Yesterday” in view. Our brand-model and brand-process makes your brand future-fit. We look at Megatrends during brand consulting, develop possible future scenarios and formulate your vision and mission.

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Good strategy.
Good work.

Your future brand is our goal at all times of brand consulting. The brand model is designed in such a way that each of your brand ambassadors, from sales to service personnel, can live and shape the brand every day. Because paper is patient – but in this way a brand strategy becomes a vibrant brand. We define your position and with creative passion we shape your future.

Your problem.
Your team.
Your process.

You have an individual challenge.
You are a unique customer.
For every brand consultancy runs differently with us. Depending on what you need, we combine our process-modules together. And above all: depending on which modules we choose, your individual team will emerge. From all-blooded creatives, from experienced strategists, from word-strong concepts or lateral thinkers.

Our model.
Your Brand.

In the six cornerstones of our Brandscape brand model, we crystallize how your brand is positioned and different. What it communicates like. How it feels. And how it can create moments in which it becomes an experience. With this, we create a leadership tool that will bring companies forward -we create momentum.

Brandscape Brand model Brand Consulting Eavesdropper

How does Brand Consulting with Lauscher work?

We look at your brand from all directions in workshops and creative sessions. We divide brand development into three simple phases:

  1. Description: We look at what has made your company and your brand successful until today, it has shaped and important milestones of your history.
  2. Disruption: This is about tomorrow. It is about (mega-) trends, potentials and possibilities.
  3. Design: Your brand is created. In strategy and corporate design.

When it comes to quick knowledge transfer-we offer branded in-house seminars

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