Inhouse Innovation-Branding crash course for executives

July 27, 2018 Allgemein

The new digital business model is identified. Teams in the company have developed new products for the first time using the design thinking method. Pilot and learning phases with first customers were successfully completed. The belief in the idea is great. And yet it will fail. Not because the idea is bad. Not because the customers don’t want them. Both have already been tested and largely excluded. The idea simply dies because it was not properly placed on the market.Read More


Brand development for a design conference
icon becomes digital.

July 9, 2018 Allgemein

The EDCH conference is a conference for editorial design, which takes place during the munich creative business Week, with over 500 participants. The editorial design, i.e. the design of magazines and their titles, is a very changing design direction. Once editorial was almost an iconic part of design, but today most high-reach magazines disappear. In parallel, new digital forms of the editorial developed. Be it blogs, digital magazines or content marketing in all its facets. United in the will toRead More


Full resonance framework
recognized internationally

July 8, 2018 Allgemein

The “Full resonance framework” developed by Lauscher was released for publication in the “Applied Marketing Analytics” (AMA) magazine. The full resonance model is used to develop more effective communication. A publication published in the quarterly magazine must be released by a high-caliber editorial board such as: John Petralia, global head of marketing operations, Bloomberg Mikael Weigelt, director Customer Analytics, T-Mobile USA Barry Keating, Professor, University of Notre Dame The full resonance model describes the perspectives you need to take inRead More


Highly specialized.
Data-driven marketing strategy for Swisswize

July 8, 2018 Allgemein

The Swiss software company Swisswize, a subsidiary company of the enterprise search provider DTI AG, offers a solution against permission leaks – meaning incorrect access rights to file shares. A special interest topic for a very special and very small target group. Together with our performance partner PMG, Lauscher developed a trageting and content strategy to reach the highly specific target group optimally. Data driven, digital and efficient.   Above all, via paid social channels, the audience was gradually qualifiedRead More