Full resonance framework
recognized internationally

July 8, 2018 Allgemein

The “Full resonance framework” developed by Lauscher was released for publication in the “Applied Marketing Analytics” (AMA) magazine. The full resonance model is used to develop more effective communication. A publication published in the quarterly magazine must be released by a high-caliber editorial board such as:

  • John Petralia, global head of marketing operations, Bloomberg
  • Mikael Weigelt, director Customer Analytics, T-Mobile USA
  • Barry Keating, Professor, University of Notre Dame

The full resonance model describes the perspectives you need to take in the development and evaluation of communication to ensure that it is effective.

The article for AMA looked at how to use the model to interpret data in such a way that it is the basis for better marketing communication.

Companies currently use data in marketing in particular to optimize targeting and to play the right message at the right time along the customer journey. But you can also use data to develop better messages and content. Based on the results of the data analysts and the communication developed from this data. The full resonance model, actually a communication model, helps to circumvent this fracture.

Analytics professionals are looking from different angles that help the creative departement, according to so-called “actionable insights”.

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