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Your executives.

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New business areas, new digital products, new markets and target groups. Digitisation creates new management tasks that cannot be managed without external input – How do I position these services on the market?Under what name can I compete, what does my brand portfolio look like?

In a compact and intensive one-day crash course, which covers all central aspects of modern brand management, we make your leadership team fit for the digital branding future.


We want
your problems

  • We do not provide you with abstract textbook knowledge, but help you to address your own challenges.
  • Our seminar will quickly and reliably provide you with the most important information about branding and will still allow you to identify room quick wins that will quickly get paid.
  • By means of concrete case studies, we experience together the steps towards a strong brand and how decisions have to be made there.


What you
Learn about


  • What is branding and what is really behind a strong brand?
  • Use of a strong brand in my field of business.
  • What is differentiation and how can I use it for me?
  • What is brand experience and what are the influencing factors?
  • Brand as a management tool.
  • Brand Development: What are the steps and how do I control the process?
  • Employer Branding: How does a brand work towards employees?
  • Brand Benchmark. Where do I really stand?



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