Inhouse Innovation-Branding crash course for executives

July 27, 2018 Allgemein

The new digital business model is identified. Teams in the company have developed new products for the first time using the design thinking method. Pilot and learning phases with first customers were successfully completed. The belief in the idea is great.

And yet it will fail.
Not because the idea is bad.
Not because the customers don’t want them.

Both have already been tested and largely excluded.
The idea simply dies because it was not properly placed on the market.

Unlike real start-ups, new digital business models of established companies do not really start on the Green Meadow. The new business model drags a backpack full of “old” with it. Old brand, old image, old structures, old networks and old executives. Executives who have never completely re-launched a brand. Executives who have always been able to draw on market knowledge and experience, but can’t access them here. Executives who do not know their new target group and who do not understand the new marketing channels of the digital age. Ignorance of this does not recognize that the idea alone is not enough.

You have to sell an idea too.
Start-ups know that.
Can do that.

The idea is finally the first thing to be sold by them. Investors buy an idea, Crowdfunding buys an idea. Often all this happens without a prototype or a product. Around this idea is worked, tried, carefully invested, improved and scaled. A brand is formed around the business idea. People flock to the idea and try to bring it to life.

But the world works differently if established companies want to reinvent themselves in pieces. Business models are not evaluated very long after potential. Quickly comes the disdainful Mammon and wants to be fed. In addition, the new often comes into competition with the old. And then there are many questions:

  • Under which brand do I now operate on the market?
  • How do I integrate a new brand into a brand portfolio to be creating?
  • How do I establish a brand for the first time on the market?
  • How do I define on the Green meadow what a brand stands for?
  • How can I make sure of all the many digital Touchpoints a consistent experience
  • How do I transfer brand values from the Old world to the new?
  • How do I make marketing in the future?

There are, of course, answers, but you need professional help.

1. Get professional help

I say this quite selfish, I admit: Get fit in the topic of branding. What do I have to pay attention to? What is the process? What are the time periods? What do I need? What are benchmarks? What are the criteria for success? How do you define a brand? For example, I offer in-house seminars for executives. One day “Crash Course branding”.

2. Customercentricity

Companies like to think limited by their own structures. Startups build their structures according to the market, according to the customer. Therefore, the new digital business model of established companies must be allowed to detach themselves from its structures. Just as well as it goes. Cooperation, processes and service portfolio must follow the customer and lead in a strong brand.

3. Logo is not corporate design is not brand

Brand is not just a “marker” for recognition. Brand is a promise. A promise that needs to be formulated. Corporate design is not just a “painting”, but the translation of the brand into design, or how metadesign says so nicely: “Corporate design is visualizes strategy”. There is also a need for professional support.


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In a compact and intensive one-day crash course, which covers all central aspects of modern brand management, we make your leadership team fit for the digital branding future. We do not provide you with abstract textbook knowledge, but help you to address your own challenges. Our seminar will quickly and reliably provide you with the most important information about branding and will still allow you to identify room quick wins that will quickly deliver a ROI. By means of concrete case studies, we experience together the steps towards a strong brand and how decisions have to be made there.


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