Brand development for a design conference
icon becomes digital.

July 9, 2018 Allgemein

The EDCH conference is a conference for editorial design, which takes place during the munich creative business Week, with over 500 participants. The editorial design, i.e. the design of magazines and their titles, is a very changing design direction. Once editorial was almost an iconic part of design, but today most high-reach magazines disappear. In parallel, new digital forms of the editorial developed. Be it blogs, digital magazines or content marketing in all its facets.

United in the will to tell good stories and to make them work better through extraordinary design – editorial design still is relevant but changing its focus. This developement also broadened the circle of those who are looking for ideas and inspirations at a conference such as the EDCH. No longer only those who appreciate print, but also bloggers, filmmakers and UX designers.


In collaboration with Kochan & Partner’s design team, Lauscher has reinvented and redesigned the brand EDCH. Away from the dusty image of recent years. Towards a new fresh digital brand orientation and idea.